Potatoes, Pork and Summer Sweet Corn

We finally harvested the red potatoes! This represents half of our potato patch. I don't have a scale, but I think when all was said and done we got about 50lb total (the pile above plus the early ones we dug along the way). We still have to harvest the purple potato half of the patch, so all in all I'm pretty happy.

There's something so fun about digging potatoes - it really is exciting to turn over the soil and uncover the pretty red spuds.

Here's three of them all washed off and ready to be made into potato salad.

What better to go with it than local sweet onions, country ribs dry rubbed with my sweetie's special rub....celery seeds, white red and black pepper, salt, paprika, cayenne, and love.

Don't forget the sweet corn. We got it at a roadside stand in town, which is really the best place to by sweet corn. The stands are easy to find, convenient, you're usually supporting a local family farm, and best of all the corn is generally picked the same day. Sweet corn starts losing sugars as soon as it's picked, so it's vital to eat it quickly.

It's getting darker earlier, hence the low lighting.....

Potato salad with egg, garden green beans and onions, mayo, and salt. Simple.

I'm sad we didn't get a picture of the corn after it was shucked. Big plump kernels of bicolored corn and I really can't adequately describe the sweet flavor or crisp texture. A little butter and salt, and It tasted just like summer in Wisconsin should taste.


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  1. This is making me incredibly hungry. And I agree, this is the quintessential summer meal. LOVE grilled corn.


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