Day Six

This is the delicious snack that I just finished wolfing down - popcorn with butter and sorghum syrup. Sorghum syrup is made from (you guessed it!) sorghum. It's similar to molasses, but with a little different flavor - Slow Food describes it as "slightly bitter yet sweet with an earth molasses quality." I seem to remember somewhere in the Laura Ingalls Wilder series (Little House in the Big Woods maybe?), where they make popcorn by the fire and mix it with molasses. This is similar, except local. It was the perfect snack to round out the day.

Breakfast was the same old yogurt with fruit and honey - today it was peaches and a pear and a few hickory nuts.

For lunch I was hoping to have a nice big bowl of Wisconsin Caprese Salad from the Willy Street Co-op Deli. It was ordered to come in from the off site kitchen, but alas, it didn't show up! Apparently they ran out of sunflower oil, a necessary ingredient. So I had to make do. My lunch consisted of a largish bowl of sauerkraut (yes, I know), a few chunks of nice cheese from Carr Valley, an apple, and some Sassy Cow milk. Not very inspiring or satisfying. All good ingredients, but not the proper combination for a good lunch. It filled me up sufficiently, but I was definitely looking forward to dinner when I got home.

I have the house to myself on Friday nights (Stanley works and Elwood is with him Mom), so I indulged myself in this pretty meal. Broiled steak from The Rustic Table, garden potatoes cooked in a hot oven with a nice big sweet onion and sunflower oil, and a sprig of parsley from the garden. The steak was a little overdone for my taste, and I have to say that I'm not quite as impressed with the beef from The Rustic Table as I am with the pork, but it was delicious none the less, and made up for my less than perfect lunch.

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