Day Twelve ~ Better Together

Stanley and I just enjoyed this beautiful HOMEGROWN watermelon! Our crop has ended up a little sad - three watermelons total, plus a few Wisconsin Pride Melons cantaloupe that are unfortunately not very sweet. This is a Mountain Sweet, and it made it all worth it. Sweet, refreshing, light, juicy, full of flavor..... a perfect watermelon! There is one more of these left in the garden.... it will be savored.

The title of this post refers to the ongoing peach saga. I've been weeding out the bad peaches day by day, peeling them and cutting them up. I was getting a little disgruntled by all the work - it was at least an hour or two each night this week. By the end my hand was cramped from gripping a paring knife and my back hurt from hunching over the peaches....

Tonight Mom and Erica came over to help freeze the rest of them. It is so much better to do these things together! Mom peeled, Erica sliced, I put them in bags with a little sugar and citric acid, and before I knew it they were all gone! Erica took some home with her, and I have a bunch in my chest freezer. It feels good to get it done! We used a good recipe that was easy and worked well - 1/2 cup sugar and 1 teaspoon citric acid in a gallon freezer bag, shake it around to mix, add the peaches, and shake it to coat the fruit. Then I used a straw to suck all the extra air out and that was it. I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures.

My food was simple today. Yogurt, raspberries, sliced peaches, hickory nuts, flax seeds, and honey for breakfast; Wisconsin Caprese and Red Potato and Sorrel Salad from the deli for lunch, cheese and summer squash omelet with hash browns for dinner. Easy.

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