Day Fourteen

I guess I'm like a hotel - I missed the 13th day. It was pretty uninspiring food-wise. The same old breakfast, a quick (albeit delicious) lunch of apples, pears, and cheese at the Co-op, and leftover meatloaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower for dinner. I dressed up the leftovers with some of the awesome 100% local pesto that my brother Dave made.

I was a little dubious that pesto could be tasty without lemon juice, but he proved it could be done. Basil, Parmesan, hickory nuts, and sunflower oil. It tasted a little "greener" than regular pesto, but it was great when slathered on the leftover tomato basil meatloaf! Leftovers are awesome, and it's even better if you can add a little something to make them seem like a whole new meal.

Today's food was a little more exciting.

Breakfast was (as usual) peaches, yogurt, honey, hickory nuts, and flax. I worked early (5:30am), so it was around 11:00 when I ate lunch. It was very similar to the day before - 4 Harrow Delight pears from Future Fruit (they are on sale now at the Co-op and amazingly good!), paired with a nice big hunk of bandaged goat cheddar from Capri Creamery (the website is a little outdated). I enjoyed it with my new favorite hot drink from the juice bar - whole milk steamed with maple syrup. It's local, and it allows me to savor the steamed milk that I would normally have gotten in a latte. A very pleasant mid-morning lunch indeed!

When I got home I snacked on the last piece of leftover meatloaf.

Dinner got even better.

Kebabs on the grill! I like to skewer one vegetable on each kebab so that they can cook for the correct amount of time. We used pork loin from Willow Creek Farm marinated in the rest of Dave's local pesto, green pepper, jalapeno, summer squash, cherry tomatoes, and tomatillos from the garden, and torpedo onions from Blue Skies farm. Kebabs are really good and so easy to make (and clean up after). Just chop the stuff up, skewer it, grill, and you're done. No fuss no muss.

We also cooked potatoes in foil in the coals.

You run the risk of burning them this way, but these babies turned out just perfect - creamy, buttery, yum.

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