Day Three

Lesson of the day: a great way to relieve stress after a long day at work is to stick your head into the middle a tomato plant. The aroma is intoxicating! I did this after work today, and I was delighted to find all of these ripe tomatoes. I've got the cherry tomatoes drying in the oven right now, and I plan to make paste with the red Ox Hearts. The yellow Candy Stripes are for eating - man they're good!

I also hit up the East Side Farmer's Market, which is smaller and much more friendly than the big downtown market. I got two pints of raspberries from Blue Skies Farm (one golden and one red), a few nice green peppers, some dried beans, and a few delicious Zestar apples. These are the first apples I've tasted this year that actually satisfied me. The apples I got at market on Saturday were decent, but soft and mushy like early apples usually are. The Zestars are firm, juicy, and sweet, with a really nice fresh apple tang.

Breakfast was yogurt, blueberries, peaches, hickory nuts, and maple syrup. Lunch was leftover mashed potatoes with cheese and leftover sweet corn cut off the cob.

Here's dinner. Sorry for the bad picture.... it tasted much better than in looks. Cheesy home fries cooked in sunflower oil and green peppers stuffed with ground beef, cracked Washington Island wheat berries, onion, and tomato. Not bad.

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