Day Five

No pictures today, and not a lot to report......

Breakfast was homemade yogurt with berries, hickory nuts, and honey. I had to eat as many raspberries as possible since the two pints I bought at the market on Tuesday were starting to mold.

The yogurt has a funny story - the culture was given to me by my brother's girlfriend, Meg. Apparently it was smuggled into the country from India in a toothpaste tube. How's that for cultural diversity? People don't think a lot about it, but we have lost a tremendous amount of genetic diversity in domesticated microbes like yogurt and butter cultures, sourdough starters, and yeasts. These were typically passed down from generation to generation and every family or small group had their own distinct genetic line. Now that these things are mass produced, many of the old strains are gone. Anyhow, it's cool to be making yogurt from an Indian culture that someone thought was worth smuggling. It's especially tangy and not as thick as the yogurt I'm used to.

Lunch was the sorrel and potato salad from the Co-op deli, along with a hard boiled egg from my chickens, a pear, and milk.

I had Elwood the almost-three-year-old to myself for dinner, and it was hot, so I opted for an easy preparation: more hard boiled eggs, a bunch of steamed green beans from the garden drizzled with sunflower oil, and a large Candystripe tomato with plenty of salt.

I'm starting to get used to this all-local thing. The caffeine headaches are gone. I'm still having occasional sugar cravings (it doesn't help that I had to work the bakery shift at the Co-op today - cupcakes, cookies, brownies, peanut butter pie.....), but other than that things are going well - I feel great!

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