Day Two

Only one picture to share today......

Dinner. Willow Creek Pork Chops marinated in sunflower oil, parsley, basil, and a tiny bit of maple syrup, then grilled; mashed garden potatoes, and steamed garden broccoli. In my quest to make creamy fluffy mashed potatoes as good as Stanley's Mom's (he has still to find any as tasty as what she makes), I pureed them in the food processor. They turned out good, creamy for sure, but I think they needed a little more air whipped into them. I don't have a hand mixer, but that would be the perfect tool..... they had plenty of butter, milk, and garlic, so they definitely tasted good.

Backing up, breakfast was Sugar River yogurt, Washington Island flax seeds, blueberries, a pear, peaches, and honey. I had a quick lunch of boiled potatoes, sour cream, little orange heirloom tomatoes, a hard boiled egg, and a glass of milk. I found myself hungry mid-afternoon, and snacked on an apple with sharp cheddar.

This challenge puts me in an interesting state of mind - I find that I've started wanting to horde food. Blueberries for example. I got two pints at market on Saturday, yet when Stanley's 3 year old wanted a few, I said no. Looking back, that seems really silly - denying a toddler a few blueberries? What was I thinking? It's true we don't have local berries at the Co-op, but the East Side market is tomorrow, and there will surely be berries there.....

It's also interesting to drive around town and realize that 99.9% of the food available in all the restaurants and stores is off limits. I've always taken on-demand food for granted. It's frustrating to not have it, but it also feels good in a way. Somehow this eat local thing gives me the will power that no diet ever could. 85% of that 99.9% of that on-demand food is bad for me anyway.

Oh, and the caffeine headache is back, it's not bad at all, but my body is still getting used to the idea that I'm not giving it it's daily fix.

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  1. I don't really like potatoes (sacrilege to my german/irish heritage, I assure you) but when I make mahed potatoes, I use a ricer - great texture!!!


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