Raw Milk

I've been doing some research on raw milk, and found this YouTube video that talks about recent raw milk legislation in California, and explains the many reasons for drinking raw milk, and dairy products made from raw milk.

I'm a big fan of raw milk. I grew up on the stuff, and I would love to get a-hold of some, but it turns out that Humboldt County is the only county in California that bans the sale of raw milk. Bummer. It's just amazing to me that we're banning the sale of raw milk instead of making sure that dairies are clean, healthful places. The human race did really well on raw milk for a long time - if we hadn't, we would have stopped drinking it! It was only with the industrialization of farming and the breaking of traditional ties between farmers and eaters that milk safety really became a big issue....watch the video, it explains it all a lot better than I can.
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