Eating a Peach

I was lucky enough to score a few Willow Creek peaches from Amy and Jacque Neukom at the farmer's market this Saturday. There's a limited supply - many of the farmers are having problems with the smoke from all the wildfires - it's filtering the sunlight, and things aren't ripening as quickly as they should.

These peaches are literally melt in your mouth delicious. They're messy, but totally worth the juicy stickiness! I've visited the orchard where they're grown, just an hour or so up in the mountains - it's a wonderful. peaceful place. I was more than happy to give one to my friend Erin, a nursing mother, and her 5 month old baby, Acacia. This was Acacia's first taste of peach, and though she only "gummed" it, she enjoyed it thoroughly! She got a wide-eyed look of wonder and surprise, and kept grabbing at it to bring it toward her month. How amazing it must be to taste something like that for the first time!
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