Days Thirty and Thirty-One

I have a headache tonight, and I'm getting a cold, but none of that detracts from the deliciousness of these ribs last night.....

It started on Sunday night with this beautiful rack from Willow Creek Farms.

We would usually do a dry rub on ribs like these, but since there are no powdered spices to be found locally, I marinated instead. I used fresh parsley, garlic, and a chopped paprika pepper along with sunflower oil and salt. The pepper was a nice touch since dried paprika would usually be in a spice rub. It's a mostly sweet red pepper, with a little spice at the finish.

The ribs marinated overnight, and then we smoked them on the grill at 210 degrees for about 5 hours. Stanley has a good smoking technique. He uses two pans of water in the grill to steam and keep things moist. During the last half hour we slathered on some apple butter BBQ sauce (apple butter, tomato paste, maple syrup, salt). It was hard to not add vinegar to the sauce, but I resisted since it's not local.

The results were glorious. All local BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes, and a salad of cabbage, Tatsoi, sweet red pepper, sunflower oil, and a little yogurt. The ribs were just awesome, perfectly smokey, tender, and flavorful. I almost didn't miss the vinegar in the BBQ sauce....

Backing up, I should tell you that breakfast yesterday was eggs, bacon, and hash browns. Lunch was yogurt with raspberries, hickory nuts, and flax.

Breakfast today was the same raspberries, yogurt, hickory nuts (the last of them!), and flax. Lunch was three apples, some Bleu Mont bandaged cheddar, a pear, and a maple steamer.

Tonight's dinner was hamburgers with cheese (Bohemian Blue on mine!), grilled sweet onions, boiled purple potatoes with parsley and butter, and a sliced Candy Stripe tomato. Delish!

Only one more day to go! Hopefully I'm feeling better tomorrow so I can enjoy the official last day of the challenge.

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  1. Okay, apple butter BBQ sauce sounds brilliant. I was just saying to my husband that I think we still have apple butter from stocking up at the last market last year... and we should probably use it up before the new batch comes in!

  2. It is awesome. I usually make it with apple butter, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and maple syrup. Since I'm doing the eat local challenge I had to omit the vinegar and Worcestershire, but it's better if you can put them in.


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