Day Twenty-Five ~ Fresh Caught Bluegill

After a long days work today Stanley invited me to go fishing with Elwood and him. Imagining a lazy couple of hours basking in the autumn sun by the water, I agreed, and I insisted that we bring the dog too. In the end, the combination of a playful dog and an ever more playful three year old wasn't quite as relaxing as anticipated, but it was still a good time. The best part was the four bluegill that Stanley caught and brought home for dinner.

He filleted them, breaded them in a little local flour and cornmeal, and fried them up in the cast iron skillet. When I've had bluegill in the past it usually still has the bones, and I find it so difficult to eat that it's tough to enjoy the flavors of the fish. The fillets made all the difference. There were no bones to worry about, so I was able to savor every bite. Bluegill really is a delicious fish....

We ate the fish with cheesy garlic oven fries (made with the purple potatoes from the garden!), and a salad of cabbage, sorrel, escarole, and sunflower oil. Yet another amazing 100% local meal!

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