Early April Garden Update

The seedlings in our cold frame are finally starting to break ground! It's been almost two weeks since I planted, so I was getting a little nervous. This is a little spinach baby. I really can't wait to eat fresh spinach from the backyard!

This Red Russian Kale is also coming up really well. It's about the best for germination so far. The Chard and arugula are also starting to germinate, but not quite as well as the kale and spinach.

The spring bulbs in the front yard are coming up like gang busters! These crocuses are at their peak.

These are grape hyacinths that will start blooming in a day or so. These are one of my favorite spring flowers - I was really happy to see that we have quite a few coming up in the front yard!

Inside, things aren't going quite as well. I had to pull out the lettuce and herb seedlings I planted a few weeks back - they were just not getting enough light and were getting way too leggy. I reseeded them and I've decided to break down and buy a fluorescent light for them instead of relying on light from the window.

I was getting a bit frustrated by the lack of germination of the squash, basil, and melon seeds I planted, so I put my seed warming mat under the flats and lo and behold, the seeds germinated withing a few days. This is one of the squash plants poking it's head up out of the dirt. These will also go under lights tomorrow.
These pea plants are going off! They grow at least a few inches every day - reminding me of Jack and the beanstalk. I'm thinking of pinching them off so they don't get too tall too quickly. I'll also start bringing them outside during the day to harden them off for cool weather. We'll have peas before we know it!
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