End of April

I don't have much time, but I wanted to share some pictures I took this weekend.......

Holy cow, things move fast in April! We've gotten a lot of rain and some nice mild temperatures, so things are just popping up out of the ground. I think these chives grew in one day - they weren't there one day, and the next day they looked like this, no kidding.

We're pretty much keeping the lid off the cold frame all the time now. I've only closed it once or twice in the past week when the night temperatures threatened to be in the 20s. The arugula is especially growing like gang busters. Unfortunately, so are the weeds. I'll have to get in there sometime this week and take care of them.

Our front yard is getting bushier by the day. The tulips are just about to pop, and the hyacinths are still going strong.....if you compare this to the picture I took for the last post, you'll see what I mean. They were taken just exactly a week apart!

Like the chives, the hostas lining out front walk are growing by leaps and bounds. Spring is such a wondrous time!

It was a rainy farmer's market this week, but I went anyway. It's only the second week of the summer outdoor market. I bought these ramps from Harmony Valley Farm. These are wild leeks....not sure how I'll cook them, but they were just so pretty I couldn't resist.

Many people will laugh to know that I actually paid for this burdock root. Yes, it's a weed, but I really like it, and it was cheap.....plus it's good for me! I'll write more about burdock when I get around to cooking it.

Perhaps the best purchase at the market was this fresh catnip I bought for Gulliver. He loves it!
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