Mid-April Garden Pictures

I'm going to post these pictures without a whole lot of comment.....they pretty much speak for themselves. Above are the parsley starts under lights in the basement.

I originally tried to start my veggie seeds by a south facing window in the living room, but they just weren't getting enough light, so we bought some fluorescent and a cheap shop light and put them in the basement. They're doing well now!

Squash starts. I've got Marina di Chioggia, Black Futsu, and Winter Luxury Pumpkins all started. These need full sun and will take up a lot of space, and I'm not sure exactly where that will be.....Dave and I have a few ideas. We still have a month or so until planting time.

Lettuce. This is a mix of varieties.

Outside, spring has sprung. It's my first year in this house, so it's been exciting to see all the spring bulbs poke their heads above ground! How much is that kitty in the window? Sorry, he's not for sale!

We've got an especially nice array of hyacinths. I've been cutting bouquets for the kitchen table - they smell so good!

I've had the pea starts outside for almost a week now. These are the same ones I pinched back a few weeks ago because I thought they were growing too fast and spindly. They're beautiful now!

I went ahead and planted them in the ground today. We'll have sugar snaps in a month or so I hope!

The other stuff in the cold frame has slowly germinated and started to grow. The arugula has done especially well (it's the three defined rows in the third hoop). There's also a bit of chard, kale and spinach that's finally come up. Hopefully now that the weather has started to warm they'll grow a little faster.

Spinach babies in the cold frame.

We dug up out garden plot at Quann Community Gardens this weekend! It's just a short bike ride from our house. It's only half a plot - 10'x20' - pretty small, but better than nothing, especially since out back yard gets too shady to grow much of anything in the summer. Dave planted some potatoes along the far side.....we're still pondering exactly what we'll do with the rest of it.

Lucky for us, there's an established asparagus bed in our plot! I was weeding it on Saturday and discovered these spears beginning to poke up - they're purple! I can't wait till they're ready! I've been hungering after the Mexican and Californian asparagus that's started to crop up at Willy Street Co-op. So far I've managed to stick to my no California or Mexican veggies pledge, but it's getting harder!
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