March Snowstorm

It's hard to believe we were out in the garden with bare feet last weekend. The last few days have been pretty chilly and we got a good 3 or 4 inches of wet clumpy snow last night....everyone seemed to be in disbelief - isn't winter supposed to be over? That's March for you: full of surprises!

Despite the snow, there's no doubt that spring is on the way. It's been sunny all day today and most of the snow is already melted. The bulbs that are coming up in the front yard don't seem to mind it a bit. I love crocus. The one in the pic above was blooming in the snow today - so pretty, small, and seemingly fragile, yet tough enough to withstand almost any March snow.....

The robins have recently returned from their winter hiatus to parts south. There were a pair of them hopping around in the snow yesterday, looking frustrated and angry at the white stuff falling out of the sky.

The cold frame weathered the snow pretty well. The section at the far end gave in a little, but popped right back once the snow melted. Nothing in the cold frame has germinated yet, but I haven't given up hope - it was only a week ago that I planted. A little bit of warm weather sure would help....

The lettuce seeds I planted last weekend have germinated really well! They seem a big leggy already - the window they're in front of gets sun, but maybe not enough....hopefully it will get warm enough to move them out to the cold frame soon. Either that or I may have to look into buying a light and putting them in the basement.

The peas I planted last weekend have also started to peek up out of the soil. I took this picture this morning, and already they're bigger than they were! The basil, parsley, dill, winter squash, and melons still haven't germinated. Hopefully sometime in the coming week......

This is one of the herbs I planted a few weeks back. I didn't label them, so I'm not sure what it is, but I'm thinking maybe it's catnip? Once again, they seem pretty leggy, like they haven't gotten enough light, but they're in our sunniest window, so I'll just leave them there for now and see what happens. The other herbs have all germinated - thyme, rosemary, oregano, catnip, and sage. I should have started them in better dirt, but they seem to be doing OK.

Gulliver isn't too happy to share his sunny window with the herb seedlings, but he still has most of the prime real estate. I considered kicking him off entirely so that I could put the veggie starts there, but I didn't have the heart to - I'm pretty soft on him I guess!
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