Very Exciting Egg News!

These two pictures don't do the eggs justice, but they are the best we were able to get. They're about a week and half into their incubation, half way done. Tonight I pulled a few out and candled them. When I had candled them a week ago I noticed the vein structure forming in some of them. This time, the vein structure was much more apparent, plus THE CHICKS WERE MOVING AROUND INSIDE THE EGGS!!!!!! I looked at about six random eggs and the vast majority of them had dark spots where the developing chicks are and the spots were very noticeably moving around...... I could barely keep from jumping up and down with excitement. It has finally dawned on my that I'm going to have baby chicks very soon!

Again, it's hard to see what's going on here. The dark spot on the right is the chick, and it was moving around in the egg..... wow.
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