It's Almost August Garden Pictures

Lots of pictures to share today. In the interest of time, I'll run through them quickly.....

Our little half plot at Quann Gardens is a little weedy (I did some serious weeding after this picture was taken, so it's not as bad as it looks), but doing well. The potatoes are almost all died back, and the Canario beans look awesome.

Stanley dug some potatoes today. Approximately 3 feet of a row yielded more than 10 pounds of beautiful and humongous red potatoes. I had no idea they would be so big! I don't even know what kind they are - we just planted some of the local Igl Farm red potatoes we bought for eating this spring. We're going to have lots when all is said and done.

The Canario beans planted between the two rows of potatoes are incredibly lush and big.

These are dry beans, so it will be a while before we harvest. They're starting to form nice pods though. I ate one - it was OK, but tough. I'll let them mature and dry before I pass judgement.

On to our garden on Main Street. I don't usually put pictures of myself on this blog, but you have to have some scale to understand just how big this corn has gotten. I honestly think it's a little too big. It recovered well from the wind storm though. It's probably grown at least 6 inches since then.

And it's starting to tassel! This is the male portion of the corn stalk that comes out of the top. It releases pollen.....

.... which gets caught on the silks below. The silk is the female part of the corn. Each strand will pollinate a kernel of corn. It's really starting to tassel, and I'm a little worried that there's not enough silk coming out yet. The timing has to be just right for pollination to work. We'll know in a few weeks if it has pollinated well. If not, there's a lot of good local corn available at road side stands. It's cheap too - we got 13 ears of delicious fresh corn from a farm stand for just $3 yesterday!

Here you can really see the beans climbing up the stalks. They're flowering heavily, but no pods yet. The corn makes an excellent trellis!

The squash is going nuts! Every time I visit this garden I'm just amazed at how much the squash has spread. It's outgrowing the garden plot.

Here's a baby Marina de Chioggia.

A Winter Luxury Pumpkin.

And a Black Futsu.

Here's an upcoming exciting thing. There are two peach trees in my Mom, Brother, and Sister in Law's plot on Main Street. They never produced until this year when they decided to prune them way back early in the spring. They're loaded! I can't wait for peaches!!!

And the last garden on the tour - our new house on Marquette Street. We move in in only two weeks!

The tomatoes have been poisoned by the Black Walnut tree in the neighbor's back yard. We should have know better than to plant tomatoes here - our new landlords warned us. The tomatoes grew like crazy until their roots got big enough to contact the Walnut's. Black Walnut trees' roots are poisonous to tomatoes. The tomatoes that are the worst off are nearest the tree, the ones on the right are farther away.... Next year we'll grow our tomatoes in pots.

Despite being half dead, I think some of the cherry tomatoes that have already set are going to ripen. At least we'll have a few!

The root crops are doing well.

I pulled a few small turnips for dinner last night. Delicious!

The beets are also looking beautiful. These will be just about ready to eat when we move in.

The eggplant also looks good.

I've never grown eggplant before. How exciting to find baby eggplants - they've got to be just about the cutest vegetable around!

Here is the chicken coop, awaiting the arrival of the chicks! It's filthy right now - the old tenant still hasn't cleaned it out from the chickens he had there. I've been assured that it will be clean and ready for my babies in a few short weeks.
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