The Corn Catastrophe

Remember that beautiful sweet corn that I was gloating over just a few posts ago? Well, precisely three days after I wrote that, we got a much needed rainstorm, and along with it 40+ mile per hour wind gusts that wreaked havoc on the tall, heavy cornstalks. I was so happy that my corn was bigger and everyone else's...... this is a good lesson I guess: pride goes before the fall. Literally.

Here's a different angle with Dave for scale. Some of it was still standing at an 80 or 85 degree angle, but some was knocked down totally flat. I think the beans climbing up the stalks weighed them down a little, and also the patch is relatively small and was the tallest thing around. Luckily it was all still attached at the ground - none of it snapped off and the base, and the squash and bean plants were as healthy as could be.
It took three of us to wrestle the cornstalks back into a somewhat vertical position. It was an arduous task, but I think we did a pretty good job. (Thanks again Mom and Meg!) We used fence posts at the end and middle of each row and wrapped twine around them. It's still not perfect, but I'm hoping the corn plants will take it from here and straighten themselves out in a few days.
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