Putting the Gardens to Bed

We've come full circle. Last weekend, Mom, Dave, Meg, and I cleaned up what was left at the Main Street garden. Everything that can be killed by frost has been killed and the spinach has been cut. All that remains is a nice row of carrots and beets.

Given the Republican victory in the Wisconsin governor's race (boo!!), it's looking like the high speed rail from Madison to Milwaukee is not going to be built after all. I'm a big supporter of rail, but the proposed route was right through the rail corridor where this garden sits, so part of me is happy to see it not happen. The other part of me is very very sad to see our new governor give away the federal money that was granted to our state for rail.... but that's another story.

Mom taking down the bean trellis.

I planted this bed in garlic for next season. It's mulched in with autumn leaves. They should protect the garlic cloves over the winter and eventually compost back into the soil. Leaves are a great source of fertilizer.... I've used a lot of them this fall as you will see....

but first, a chicken break! The girls are all molting and looking scruffy as heck. The eggs have pretty much stopped for now, hopefully they'll be done soon and be back to their beautiful selves.

Home sweet home. Stanley raked all the leaves from the yard into the garden beds (thanks sweetie!). I know most people say you should run the lawn mower over the leaves first, but I'm experimenting to see what happens if we don't. Hopefully they'll break down over the winter and I can turn them back into the soil in the spring.

My plan next year is to extend these two little beds so that my little herb garden goes all the way to the sidewalk.

My four newly planted raspberry canes are the back of this picture, against the fence. The plan for next spring is to dig up some ground by the driveway to put in a strawberry bed... a big one!

This sunny strip between the sidewalk and the street will be a raised bed veggie garden next year. It's right in front of the house, but it's technically city property. Lots of people in Madison use this area for growing things..... there is a small chance that the city will decide to come dig it up, but I'm not too worried. That usually only happens when the road gets redone, and ours is relatively new. It is a nice sunny spot, and should make a beautiful garden!

It's hard to see in this picture, but the far end of the side yard is mulched in with leaves. I have some herbs already planted in here, and I plan to use the rest of it it for colorful flowers and flowering herbs.... things I'm not too worried about getting trampled by certain people playing baseball, football, or other such games.

Next spring will be the first one I spend at my new house, I can't wait to dig up some new ground! But now it's time to buckle down for winter....

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