I'm a Lucky Girl

I've been working like a dog lately. My new job as produce manager at the new Willy Street Co-op in Middleton has kicked into full gear. We opened last Monday, and it's been 2 straight weeks of extra long days that start at 4:30am... yesterday was my first day off in two weeks and I found that I could do nothing but lay on the couch watching episodes of Iron Chef. Exhaustion like this for me usually translates to lots of dinners out and not much energy to cook.

Except now I've got my sweetie. Stanley has been the best of all boyfriends through all of this, and has created more than a few amazing home cooked meals for his tired lady. A hearty Italian style chicken breaded and then coated with marinara and baked with pasta and cheese; this "I love you" meatloaf with mashed potatoes and cabbage slaw; venison sausage, bacon, and tomatillo crockpot chili..... I am a lucky girl indeed.

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  1. The new store looks great! Congrats...


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