Good News Bad News

First the good news. Not only did Michelle Obama plant a vegetable garden on the White House lawn, now she's started a farmer's market a block away! Check this out:


Maybe there's reason for hope after all! I know there's a lot of progressive people out there who aren't too happy with Obama, but on the food front, I think he's doing pretty darn well. Yay!

Now the bad news. Remember that bumper crop of beautiful peaches that I was so excited to can for the winter? We were holding off on eating or canning them until they were really really perfectly ripe. This weekend was our targeted date for the picking and canning and guess what? SOMEBODY STOLE ALL THE PEACHES!!! This wasn't just someone picking one or two to eat as they biked by, no this was an all out stripping of many many peaches from the branches, some of which they must have used a ladder to get to. I know this is the risk you take with a community garden plot, but come on..... what a disappointment!
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