The New House

I can't believe we've already been here for two weeks and I haven't gotten around to blogging about the new house yet! Most of that is due to the fact that we still don't have a good Internet connection (damn you AT&T!). I've finally managed to upload some pictures - they're a bit dated now, but better late than never!

This is the kitchen. It's quite small (the whole house is small), but really functional. The house itself was built in the 20s, but according to my carpenter brother the kitchen was redone in the 50s. I really like all the woodwork, it gives the feeling of a cabin in the woods. The best part is the window - it overlooks the backyard garden and chicken coop, and a beautiful maple tree. The house backs up to a neighborhood park, so you'd never know you were in the city from looking out the window. I just love having a nice view when I do dishes!

I'm cooking with gas for the first time in over three years - yay! There's a real lack of drawer space (we've even had to put the silverware in a canister on the counter!) but there's a ton of cabinet space, and deep counters. It seems to be all about thinking vertically instead of horizontally......

Now to the exciting part!.... the coop!

I can't take any credit for this beautiful chicken coop. Our new landlords built it, and in fact it was the major draw for me with this house. I took these pictures when it was empty - there are chickens there now, as you'll see in posts to come.

This is the side of the coop that's viewable from the kitchen window. It's hard to see in this pictures, but on the bottom left there are drawers that are located under the perches that pull out for easy poo cleaning. There's an electric cord running from the garage to the coop. It connects to a heat lamp that we can use in the winter to keep their water from freezing. On the right are doors that give easy access to the laying boxes.

When the chickens start laying, we should be able to walk out in the morning and easily collect our breakfast!

Here's the other side that gives you the chickens' view of their house. They've got a nice little door that latches securely at night. The door on the left is usually closed, but makes for easy cleaning and human access to that side of the coop. There's also a big access door around the corner to the right. The run is pretty large, giving them lots of space to roam around during the day without doing damage to the lawn or garden.

This is the view looking into the coop from the access door on the left in the picture above. You can see the perches with the screens below them. They sleep on the perches at night, so most of the poo in the coop is dropped through the screens and onto the surface below that then pulls out from the other side and is easily cleaned. Genius! You can also see their feeder, the heat light, and the other access door. It's all set up really well. I've since gotten a waterer that hangs over by the light.

This is looking straight forward from the same access door at the nesting boxes. I can't wait till we have eggs!

You'll get to meet the new chickens soon!
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