Beautiful Broth

I really don't understand how anyone can cook a roast chicken and then just throw away the carcass. Chicken stock is divine, easy to do, healthful, and it makes your house smell amazing on a cold early spring day. What's not to love?

This stock was particularly beautiful. Leek tops, celery leaves, carrots, and of course the carcass of the roast chicken we enjoyed the night before. Cover it all with water and simmer for at least a few hours.

If you plan to make soup, it's important to pick any remaining meat off the bones before you begin. If you leave it on and boil it with the stock, it will get tough and overcooked and not good for much.

After a few hours, here's what we have. Not quite as pretty, but boy did it smell amazing!

The last step is to skim any foam off the top and strain out the solids. The light in this picture is a little weird, but you can see what a beautiful color it is, with a nice layer of yellow fat at the top.... you can tell this was a pastured chicken (local of course)! It's is an incredibly nutritious liquid, and will make a rich, satisfying soup. 

I always make enough to make one batch of soup and extra to freeze. That gives me at least three meals out of one chicken - good for the pocketbook, and a really nice way to fully utilize the animal.

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