Just look at this happy pig. Have you ever seen such a cute butt? Our meat farmers at The Rustic Table sent us this picture, taken yesterday. Yep, this is our wedding pig! (or at least one of it's siblings).

.... and this is the corn, destined to be ground into cornmeal to make cornbread at the wedding. I really had no conception that it would grow to be so tall, then I looked at the seed packet, and indeed it predicted that it would grow to be 12-15'. There are some nice ears that seem to have pollinated nicely. Success!

The beans, on the other hand, did not succeed. I'll have to look into finding some local dry beans for October.

There are a grand total of three, maybe four pie pumpkins that look like they'll make it. I'm a little disappointed by the yield, but it should be plenty for our wedding cake.

In other wedding feast news, the cabbage is heading, the onions and garlic are harvested, the potatoes are almost ready for harvest, and I'm still experimenting with flower preservation.

Oh yeah - I had a wonderful wedding shower a few weeks ago and was gifted with lots of cool kitchen stuff including a FOOD DEHYDRATOR!! So far we've made raisins, dried blueberries, dried tomatoes, and venison jerky. So exciting!

I promise I'll post more pictures soon.... there's a lot to show off!

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