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It's hard to call myself a blogger these days. I've been busy with so many things, and unfortunately cooking and blogging haven't been at the top of my list. Hopefully now that the holidays are past us I'll get back into the groove and post here at least weekly, but I make no promises.

I do have this picture to share with you. Weird, huh? Any guesses? I'll give you a hint... they're vesicles.

Yeah, I didn't know what vesicles were until today either. This is a pomelo - an ancient volley-ball sized citrus that is one of the proud parents of the modern grapefruit. The weird tentacle like things in the picture above are the ends of the citrus vesicles, which according to Wikepedia are the "membranous content of the citrus fruit's endocarp." Basically the pulp. I've never seen anything quite like it.

The flavor of these puppies is sweet and pretty mild - nothing to write home about really. It's their size and looks that are the main attraction.

Where did this beautiful citrus specimen come from you ask? I picked it up at a farmer's market in Winter Garden, Florida when we were there over New Years. The woman who had them sold only pomelos, from a tree in her backyard.... wow. Imagine having a pomelo tree in your backyard!

Guess what else happened over New Years when we were in Florida? I got engaged!! Stanley proposed in a perfect moment on the beach and I was so delighted to say yes.

So now it's wedding planning time. The plan as it stands is to get a pig from The Rustic Table (they have promised to raise one for us as long as their sows give birth to enough this spring), and do a pig roast. The rest of the food and flowers I hope to grow in the garden: dry beans to make baked beans, cabbage and carrots for slaw, maybe corn and wheat for cornbread?..... how fun and exiting to plan the garden around one single meal for my friends and family.

Before I say goodnight, I have to backup for a second and share with you the treat that I made for Christmas this year: homemade chocolate peanut butter cups. The basic recipe is easy to find on the net. I changed it up a bit with three different fillings: peanut butter and jelly; peanut butter and banana; and almond butter and raisin. I used freshly ground organic peanut butter and almond butter, organic salted peanuts and almonds, Dave's homemade grape jelly from the garden, organic banana chips (but I should have used dried bananas), and huge organic Flame Raisins. Sweet.

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