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It's harvest time! We're going to be hard pressed to eat all of the greens coming out or our gardens before they bolt. This kale and chard are from the backyard. They're from the very first planting in the cold frame we put up in March.

This lettuce was started from seed indoors way back in the early spring. It's making beautiful heads, and demanding to be eaten now.

These are the Canario beans at Quann gardens. The ground where they're planted is extremely hard, but somehow they managed to come up and they seem to be thriving.

The squash, corn, and bean experiment in our third garden plot is an early sucess! The squash is flowering and growing like mad. The beans have germinated and are shooting up fast, and the corn is already knee high when it's not even the Fourth of July yet!

Everything looks beautiful.

June is such a hopeful month.
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