The Bomb Diggity Winter Locavore Pizza

Pizza is one of those wonderful dishes that conforms to almost any season - it's all in how you top it. We made this one Sunday night from almost all local ingredients.

I used this pizza dough recipe from epicurious.com, except I used all whole wheat flour instead of white. There is local flour available in Madison (Willy Street Co-op carries it,) but we still had some of Dave's leftover non-local whole wheat flour in the pantry, so it made sense to use it up. I've had bad luck with 100% whole wheat pizza crust in the past, but this recipe worked well.

Dave pressed the dough out onto the pan. We had some extra cheese, so we decided to make a stuffed crust.

We put it in a hot (425 degree) oven to pre-bake for just about 5 minutes. This helps the crust be crispy, and not soggy when you add all the toppings.

The first layer was sauce. I didn't have any local tomato sauce, so I used some organic canned pizza sauce. Next summer I'll be able to can tomatoes for the winter.....

I was really lucky to find some local spinach from Snug Haven Farm at the Regent Street Co-op on Sunday. It was the bottom of the box, and looked pretty wilty, but it worked great since I was going to cook it anyway. This is greenhouse grown spinach - what a luxury! A layer of Mozzarella when on top of the spinach......

Next came a layer of local organic pork sausage. I didn't look carefully when I bought this - it was actually breakfast sausage and was spiced accordingly. I added some Italian herbs (oregano, thyme, and garlic powder,) to make it pass for pizza.

Next came some chopped local onions, a little more mozzarella, and and some shredded Romano cheese - one thing about living in Wisconsin - you don't ever have to worry about finding local cheese!

We baked it in the 425 degree oven for about 15 minutes. Delicious - the perfect compliment to the local beer we were enjoying!
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  1. I am wordless after read this dreadful thing miscalled pizza!
    Just a profound ignorance of the matter can state: <<..it's all in how you top it...>>
    NO NO NO it 's just the opposite, it's the dough!
    Please if you care of the liability of your "so called healthy-tasty cuisine website, wipe out this misdead or at least RENAME it please!
    If you want to go seriously about pizza you'll need a couple of months just to read about it and study it.
    Have a breath looking at this PIZZA here and forget the above alien pie.

    I apologize for my English I am an italian lady from Italy.

  2. Hi Gallica - Thanks for the link. Alas, I have to admit I'm not seriously into pizza. I'm seriously into using my free time to make delicious food with the locally grown ingredients I have on hand. I've visited Italy, and I know first hand that what we call pizza in this country is nothing at all like "real" Italian pizza. I apologize if this post offended your sense of what pizza should be, but it was really tasty, and for that I can not apologize.

  3. Mussolini wasn't such a fascist about pizza. Ignore people like Gallica and keep on keepin' on. Pizza is a state of mind,...on crust.


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