A Winter Bounty

I just had to take a picture of my farmer's market haul from this morning. Only about $30 bought me all this food! Ida Red apples, a gallon of fresh cider, parsnips, carrots, onions (Copras, which are the same variety I made french onion soup with this fall, but oh so tiny compared to Ed's!) garlic, and a big hunk of Braunschweiger! What's Braunschweiger, you ask? It's a Wisconsin favorite - basically a smoked liverwurst-like spread that's just delicious on sandwiches. I remember eating this on vacations at my grandparents house....it's one of those old-fashioned foods that's gone pretty much out of style....

Add to that the local stuff already in my cupboard, fridge, and freezer: cabbage, a big rutabaga, turnips, potatoes, shallots, milk, eggs, butter, cheese, honey, maple syrup, sorghum syrup, ground beef, uncured bacon, ground pork, ground ostrich.... (ostrich??? yes, I stopped by Artemos Meats on the west side the other day. The ground ostrich was local and reasonably priced, so I figured - why the hell not? I'll have to do some research before I cook it - I have absolutely no idea how to cook ostrich!) Anyway, the point is I have a lot of great local food in the house! I'm feeling like I'll easily live up to my vow of no California lettuce or green veggies this winter.
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